Looking to Upgrade Your Cookware: Discover the Best Pan for the Job

american kitchen lid on stovetop

From soups to steaks, learn the right piece of cookware for the job.

Do you know the best pot or pan to use for every type of dish? Using the right tool for the job is critical to your success in the kitchen, and when it comes to pots and pans, we’ve got you covered. 

Read on for a guide to the best pots and pans for common cuisine types.  

  Best Cookware to Use What Makes Them Great
Egg Dishes Nonstick Skillet in 8",10", 12"
  • Whether you opt for eggs and bacon, gourmet omelets, or fancy frittatas for breakfast, you’ll need a versatile, easy-to-clean pan. 
One Pan Meals

Casserole in 10" or 12"

Sauté Pan in 10" or 12"

  • Wide, flat, and spacious pan that lends even heating so you can meld big flavors.
  • Move from prep station to stovetop to oven, and finally to your family table with just a single piece of cookware.
Meat and Fish Stainless Steel Skillet in 8" 10" or 12"
  • Perfect for searing meats.
  • Choose a pan with some room between portions for crispy edges to your proteins.
Pasta Stainless Steel Stock Pots
  • Lots of size options to serve many portion needs
  • Sturdy handles for draining pasta water.
Braising and Roasting Sauté Pan in 10" or 12"
  • Sauté pans offer even heat conductivity for browning edges and a snug lid to keep your food moist while cooking.
Sauces, Soups and Stews Stainless Steel Saucepans
  • Tall, slender saucepans with more vertical height and less horizontal surface area directly on the burner mean that you can simmer thin liquids longer with less chance of burning and scorching.

Casserole in 10" or 12"

Sauté Pan in 10" or 12"

  • Handles on this pan will help you as you remove heavy, syrupy, fruit-laden skillet sweets in and out of the oven, at temps up to 500⁰F. 


Now that we’ve given you the knowledge to match the best pots and pans with every cuisine type, it’s time to get cooking with confidence. 

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